Options and Pricing

Elite Custom Model

The Elite Custom model features traditional Y-shaped arms attaching the cups of all keys.

Elite Custom Piccolo

Elite Deluxe Model

The Deluxe model features an upgrade to French-style pointed arms attaching the cups of all closed-hole keys.

Elite Deluxe Piccolo

G# Facilitator:
G# Facilitator Another Burkart innovation, the high G# facilitator eliminates the need to use two right-hand fingers to assist in the production of a high G#. Unlike prior European facilitators, this design does not inhibit the production of high C—it is activated automatically when the player fingers G#. The split key Burkart design is a unique and important benefit to the piccolo player with no loss of high C production.


On/Off Split-E Slide:
Split E-side For the piccolo connoisseur, Burkart has developed a reliable way to engage or disengage the split-E mechanism. The most favorable high G to A trill fingering can be used with the split-E off.


14K Gold Mechanism:
Gold Keys A beautiful look for any piccolo, especially when paired with our gold headjoint.




Base Pricing
High G# Facilitator
Split-E Mechanism
On/Off Split-E Slide
14K Gold Tenon & End Ring upgrade
Grenadilla Wood Clarion style or Burkart Style Headjoint
Player's Choice
Grenadilla Wood Wave Style Headjoint upgrade
Sterling Silver Clarion Style Headjoint upgrade
14K Fittings on Grenadilla Headjoint upgrade
14K Gold Keys (Includes G# Facilitator)

Burkart offers a 5% cash discount.